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June 27th, 2012

Asked to illustrate some objects to give some weight to a companies campaign message which would be mainly on a poster campaign but also an animated short. The message was to show they had lots more features than an ordinary company so i had to show this with the objects they gave. To demonstrate this they chose a snazzy vacuum cleaner with a dull dustpan brush, a lively cocktail / pint of beer and an electric drill / screw driver. Here are the finished images.

Dale Sullivan - Vector Illustration - Vacuum

Vacuum cleaner & dustpan brush

The trickiest illustration was the vacuum cleaner. The first rejected vacuum cleaner looked too old and the second was too space aged. They were happy with this one.

Dale Sullivan - Vector Illustration - Cocktail

cocktail & beer

After adding many more cocktail accessories they were happy with this…

Dale Sullivan - Vector Illustration - Electric Drill

Electric drill and screw driver

More buttons the better…

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Fitness Instructor Website

May 18th, 2011

Completed a fitness instructors website and blog. We used WordPress and made a new template for the design. We had everything up and running in about one month.

Fitness instructor site and blog

Fitness instructor site and blog

The site included an easily updatable, flash animated, photo gallery of some of her one on one sessions.

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RSS feed Illustration icon

March 31st, 2010

Had a look for an RSS feed icon but thought i could just as easy make my own. Here is the final version. If you want to use the icon take it and use it freely (icon shown on the right).

Dale Sullivan - Illustration - RSS Icon

RSS illustration icon

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