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My new site using WordPress!

February 13th, 2009 — 4:05pm

My portfolio website was about 5 years old and gathering web dust so i have decided to install WordPress, (the best CMS around), and do myself a nice new re-design. I think this is long overdue and am looking forward to using WordPress again, since 2.1, and having a blog .

I have designed and worked with lots of CMS’s including EasySite, ContentCurator, CMS Made Simple (not so simple), Joomla etc… but the new WordPress was for me. Also a real time saver is the new (WordPress 2.7) ‘auto upgrade’ button which tells you if an upgrade is ready, downloads and installs it automatically! I have used it already to upgrade to version 2.71. It installed in about 2 seconds. Get to upgrade by going to – Tools – Upgrade – ‘Re-install Automatically’.

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WordPress categories not showing up!

February 13th, 2009 — 3:13pm

(Known with Version 2.7)
A common problem that people have is when your newly entered Categories don’t show up in the WordPress navigation. The reason for this is you have to post at least one comment into that category for it to show up in the navigation. To do this you have to go to Posts (Left Navigation) – Add New – (enter title and text) – Publish (making sure you tick box your category under ‘categories’).

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